Over half a century after the process of decolonization, it has to be recognised that the various forms of North-South cooperation have failed to address social inequalities and the issues of access to natural resources in developing countries.

While facing growing environmental and social issues related to their increasing urbanization, developing countries must find a way to combine economic growth, social progress and environmental protection. This challenge leads social and economic stakeholders to adopt innovative approaches in terms of CSR which are not always conceivable within current theoretical frameworks, which are mainly from Northern countries. CSR must be implemented in line with the specific characteristics of Southern countries and with the consent of all local stakeholders in order to be able to adapt to local realities. What role should the various actors of the private sector play in these new strategies regarding the overall impact they would have on the economy and the environment?How to get involved ina co-construction approach between Northern and Southern countries to build mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships among responsible partners ?