16.00 – 17.30 New raw materials, new uses, new processes: innovation at the heart of the bioeconomy. – Stand-up session –

Insulating materials made from mushroom roots, a flexible and fully biodegradable food plastic packaging, a wind turbine built with bio-based materials, is it possible?

Yes say these entrepreneurs! Choice of raw materials, manufacturing process, and final use of the product … innovation is at the heart of their project. Come and discover their story in this stand-up session and be inspired to develop innovative solutions to the problems of tomorrow!



– Quentin DUBRULLE, Chief Executive Officer, Unéole (France)

– Stefano BABBINI, Partner & Chief Executive Officer, Mycoplast (Italy)

– Daphna NISSENBAUM, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Tipa Corp (Israël)