9.30 – 10.30 – Welcoming speech and introduction


– Philippe VASSEUR, President, World Forum for a Responsible Economy

– Jean-Bernard BAYARD, President, Agricultural Chamber Nord-Pas de Calais

– Philippe RAPENEAU, President, Communauté Urbaine d’Arras


10.30 – 12.00 – Meeting the needs and sustainably managing resources: which strategy for a responsible bioeconomy? – International conference –

Use biomass (agricultural, forestry, marine, etc.) to meet human needs while reducing the environmental impact, this is the concept behind bioeconomy. From paint to floor tiles, from plastic packaging to car dashboards, bioeconomy proposes to use renewable resources derived from plants to replace the non-renewable fossil fuels. But how can we ensure that bioeconomy will sustainably meet our needs? How can we preserve ecosystems from overexploitation? Can we satisfy both our food needs and our needs in materials, chemicals and so on?

Discover during this session the key challenges of bioeconomy as well as the solutions proposed by our speakers in order to build a responsible bioeconomy.



– Jan NOORDEGRAAF, Managing Director, Synbra Technology bv (Netherlands)

– Paolo STUFANO, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, EggPlant Srl (Italy)

– Philippe WILLEMS, Co-founder and Director, Orineo (Belgium)


Hervé PIGNON, regional director, ADEME (France)