In order to better redefine growth and new business models, it’s time for action. Let’s introduce you to the people and the solutions that are already now proving that new business models are possible, already out there and successfully working.

This session will showcase a world of readily available solutions and introduce you to three change-makers that each represent a new way of thinking. You will meet Rien Otto, the Founder and Creative Director of Dutch aWearness, Erica Hagen, Co-Founder of the Ground Truth Initiative and Eric Maucort, Deputy Vice President Sustainable Development, EDF

The session will engage you as participant, give you the opportunity to ask the tough questions and learn from our three speakers.

Moderator: Mikkel ANDERSEN, Director for Global Strategic Services, Sustainia, Denmark


Rien OTTO, Founder & creative director, Dutch aWearness, Netherlands

Erica HAGEN, Co-founder, GroundTruth Initiative, USA

Eric MAUCORT, ‎Deputy Vice President Sustainable Development, EDF, France


— Summary —

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