International sneak previews: projection of the film “Here to stay” directed by Olivier Bourgeois ans Pierre Barougier, and following debate with Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize 2004, Chairman of”Green Belt Movement” (Kenya).

“Here to stay” looks at today’s planet squarely in the eyes both for its beauty and contradictions. It tells the story of how a foster mother is seperated from her enfants terribles. Throught$ interviews of the pioneering environmentalistProfessor James Lovelock, the french philosopherans sociologist Edgar Morin, Mikhaïl Gorbatchev, founding president of the Green Cross and Wangari Maathai Nobel Peace Prize, the documentary takes stock of a harmony broken by years of unbridled fantasies around so-called progress and the frantic depletion of our natural ressources. Climate change is worrying, species are fast disappearing and cities spreading…. The final act of this tragedy is being played before our eyes today. What have we lost? What have we still got to lose? Can we reverse the tide of events? Are we determined to?

This documentary does not bring you ready made answer. Each one of us is left to decide the degree of urgency around one common certainty: “Here to stay”.


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