15.15 – 16.30 Innovation for better consumption – Stand-up session –

Come discover the innovative ideas of our speakers to meet the different challenges in food and nutrition matters. From food waste to protein production, to product design and nutritional enhancement … these entrepreneurs will introduce you to today’s and tomorrow’s solutions to better consume on a daily basis.



– Brianna MCGUIRE, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Foodful.ly (United States of America)

– Village by CA Nord de France – Looking back on the European call for applications “Innovate to develop people demand for plant-based proteins products” with Thierry LEBRUN, Marketing and Innovation Director, Crédit Agricole Nord de France (France) and Julien CHANTRY, Founder, On bREAKFAST (France)

– Clément RAY, Co-founder, InnovaFeed (France)

Julien MOTTET,  Responsible for Sustainable Development, Pôle Agroé (France)

– Xavier JOLY, Sustainable Development Consulting and Training, Xavier JOLY Conseil (France)


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