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Inclusive agriculture 

Going beyond the traditional separation rural/urban by including agriculture in urban development.

From New York to Singapore, to Paris and Rotterdam, more and more large cities are seeing vegetable gardens, greenhouses and gardens sprouting around town, on and even in buildings. Producing fresh food, sustainably, and within the heart of urban areas or suburbs is a complex subject. The technical, environmental, social and economic aspects will be addressed in this session in order to give the keys to success so as to not oppose urban and rural areas and see that actions in agriculture be complementary and inclusive.



  • Haïssam Jijakli – University of Liège – Gembloux, Agro-Bio Tech (Belgium)


  • Javier Ponce – Architect, « Smart Floating Farms » project (Spain)
  • Wil Bekkering – Director CAH Vilentum Almere, “Floriade” project (Netherlands)
  • Arnaud Herrmann – Director for Sustainable Development, Accor Hotels


International Conference of 22 June 2016 is Organized by World Forum for a Responsible Economy in collaboration with the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Regional Chamber of Agriculture and the Urban Community of Arras; With the participation of ISA Lille, Genech institute and pôle Agroé. 
Partner: BNPP