Today, we’re facing a triple threat, with not only our inherent financial and environmental crises, but a crisis of values as well. To address such urgent challenges, we must transform and reinvent the way we do business in addition to building a more responsible global economy respectful of both people and the planet.

This effort raises the vital question of how the business model will evolve: which corporate models will lose favor and which ones will emerge to focus on long-term, inclusive values? How can multinational companies gain the flexibility needed to adapt to these changes? How does CSR act as a lever for change? Are global trends or, on the other hand, local conditions or both driving the business model for tomorrow’s world?

Such questions will be addressed during this plenary session with internationally recognized experts, who will explore global trends while keeping in mind that change might very well stem from local, grassroots efforts.

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L’agenda politique et économique totalement remis en question par Mathilde Regnier

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> Claude Sassoulas’ presentation

> Lord Michael Hastings’ presentation

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