Following your registration, we’ll contact you by e-mail to request your first and second choices of workshops to attend.

These workshops are exclusively reserved for professionals (i.e. company representatives, associations, institutions).

10:15 – 11:45 am: 5 thematic workshops dedicated to exchanges over the choice of Best Practices and partnerships, prepared by actors in favor of the Disabled.

– Workshop 1: Building awareness of the various forms of Disability, hosted by HandiExperth

How far have companies progressed on the issue of the disabled? What type(s) of disabilities are represented within the company’s workforce?

A role play will be staged with Power Vote, an interactive game intended to demystify the notion of disability using a series of multiple-choice questions.

– Workshop 2: Shifting views towards recruitment of the disabled, hosted by HandiExperth

Presentation of the philosophy behind a “talent”-based recruitment policy and roundtables held on the primary recruiting techniques

Contrasting company/employee testimonials regarding this mode of “open” recruitment

– Workshop 3: Offerings from the adapted services sector, hosted by APF and ALTEREOS

This workshop is aimed at providing an overview of the services proposed to adapt companies to accommodate the disabled through subcontracting.

agency has paved the way in introducing worker protection and adaptation measures. Organizations show willingness to set up supervision and training dedicated to the disabled.

– Workshop 4: Workstation adaptation efforts, hosted by Emploi et Handicap

This workshop is intended to present workstation adaptations required for disabled employees, in the aim of job preservation.

– Workshop 5: Accompaniment offered a disabled worker, hosted by UDAPEI

Given the uniqueness of each situation, accompaniment provides a mode of customized and personalized disability compensation based on a range of criteria. Such accompaniment, coordinated as part of a lifestyle project, is meant to provide a durable solution, with three postures made possible depending on the individual’s level of autonomy.

11:45 – 12:30: Networking


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