Due to the different conditions in environment, law, regulations and human resources among others, a multinational company cannot address CSR issues with the same tools and regulations in every country of its operation. At the same time, the company has to maintain common standards of operation and reputation in order to be coherent at the global level. This session will address this issue through company examples and debate on how multinational companies operating in countries with different standards and regulations manage to maintain the corporate culture and plans of sustainability while adapting and tapping into local conditions and opportunities.


The session will focus on three main themes:

1.     Developing and Managing Global CSR Strategy

2.     Facing Localistion of a Global CSR Strategy

3.     Leveraging Internal Knowledge and Local Company Network



– Stefan Crets, Executive Director, CSR Europe

– Fabrice Hansé, Executive Director, Forum Empresa


– Eleonora Pessina, Group Sustainability and Diversity Officer, Pirelli

– Catalina García Gómez, Communications & Sustainable Development Director, SABMiller Latin America (TBC)

– Claude Sassoulas, Directeur Général Europe, Tata Communications

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Creative Lab’s summary by Fangfang Zhao & Elsa Herzberg