What would education and more precisely business education need to look like to develop responsible, aware and cooperative human beings? Is a transformation of education systems at all levels required to achieve a more just and prosperous world? How can we address the complex global, social, economic and environmental challenges with new ways of thinking and how can we learn those new ways?

In this session we will explore Finland’s approach to its education system that values and trusts teachers, focuses on cooperation over competition, is informed by research and governed by professional rather than political forces. We will also look beyond CSR and discuss the One Planet Education Network’s approach to business education and ‘One Planet business’ that focus not only on prosperity, but also on planet and people. Be inspired by a social entrepreneur from Senegal who addresses education challenges with initiatives across Africa. We will discuss new approaches that overcome the existing gaps in current education systems and methods and how these will make a difference in creating responsible business leaders, responsible business organisations and a responsible economy.