The labor market must adapt to new forms of interactions involving decentralized exchanges between a multitude of individuals who are both consumers and producers. In such interactions, the vertical hierarchy has often been replaced by horizontal relations with each individual being equal.

In this session, the researchers of the experimental anthropology Lab of Université Catholique de Lille will present you with an interactive “game” that replicates these new forms of horizontal interactions. Each participant will belong to a group faced with a social dilemma. Which group will be able to solve this dilemma and how? What does it mean for the labor market? Where do companies fit in this new paradigm? The answers will be given at the end of this interactive session!

Pierre GIORGINI, President and Rector of Université Catholique de Lille, will open this session.

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Practical information :

– In order to participate to the game, please bring a smartphone or tablet

        –   Entrance will be 60 Boulevard Vauban, through the courtyard.