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Every year, the quantity of data to be processed, collected and stored hits a new milestone (1/3 of our future energy needs will stem from Data Centers).
Every year, the energy bill rises (100% price increase since 2004) and runaway consumption only accelerates.
Every year brings a slew of innovation along with amended regulations.
Greenflex has developed a solution that allows clients to control the energy efficiency of their existing Data Center, continuously monitor the latest changes in this fast-paced market and participate in a program to install constant updates.

The thematic lunches allow to dig deeper into a subject with a small friendly group.This is an ideal opportunity for you to share your experience with other corporations by benefiting from the advice of an expert who will drive the discussions.

A participation fee of 30 € (excluding tax) is required upon completion of your registration. The thematics lunch are reserved primarily for professionals.So you will not be charged until your registration is validated by our team.You will then receive an email confirmation.

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