This panel of speakers has created and implemented an innovative collaborative system based on the following premises:

– Men and women seeking a new managerial challenge

– Selective cooperation among service providers (who could also be considered competitors)

– A workspace suitable for experimentation

– A system built with multiple linkages, simultaneously offering interdependence and freedom.

So what’s it all about?

– For starters, a company Kiabi, which designs and sells fashion collections in 11 countries, has set out to reinvent its managerial model applicable internationally.

– Then, at the Laboratoire du Management research group, the last few years have been spent leading several firms to assess changes in their modes of management and this past year partnering with 3 Collective Intelligence experts on a more open mode that addresses issues related to research and introspection.

– Lastly, a consulting firm, ImFusio, accompanies cultural and professional transformations while exploring, in conjunction with its clients, various paths towards managerial innovation.

– A diversity of actors capable of creating a climate of trust and whose practices promote an alternative stance both within client-supplier relations and among service providers.

– In this growth-based context, Kiabi has identified a propitious environment and the right set of partners to both enable and extend its managerial evolution. Subcontractors have also successfully developed partnership opportunities leading to mutually beneficial objectives. This unique interplay among economic actors has allowed realizing in full the shared values inherent in our present ecosystem.


 — Summary — 

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> Christine Jutard & César de Vicente’s presentation (french version)

> Nathalie Nowak’s presentation (french version)

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