Can social entrepreneurs, the business world and public authorities work together to build solutions at the scale of today’s societal challenges?

Given the complexity of today’s societal problems, some economic actors have understood the importance of combining their strengths in order to craft tomorrow’s responses. Together, by pooling complementary skill sets and expertise, social entrepreneurs, the corporate world and public authorities have proven their ability to address the challenges that no individual actor could have solved on his own. Come away with inspiring testimonials and discover new opportunities.

Participants include:
Joachim Schwendenwein – Expert at the Yunus Social Business program in Colombia.

Ignace Schops – Belgian 2008 Nobel Prize recipient who created his country’s 1st National Park, on a former mining site, by collecting $90 million and assembling hundreds of stakeholders. He now provides expertise on economic revitalization projects in environmentally and socially degraded zones.

Jean Marc Guesné – This BEL Group’s social intrapreneur is in the process of developing ecosystems advantageous to the smallest mobile commercial firms. He’s hoping, through his Sharing Cities platform, to create 5,000 projects by 2015.


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