At a time when the current economic crisis is forcing us to find new ways of operating, the search for environmental and social performance has become essential. Meanwhile, the significant changes necessary to reshape the world must be put on hold. With a positive, collaborative, circular and functionality-driven economy, the entrepreneurial world is looking for solutions… and has come up with some.

How can the emergence of these new modes of working and collaborating stimulate a substantive modification in our lifestyle and patterns of consumption and production? How does integrating an environmental and societal perspective provide meaning to this extremely powerful, yet relatively haphazard, grass-roots movement? Moreover, what is required to promote these initiatives to the maximum extent possible?

The search for environmental and societal performance becomes unavoidable during crisis periods. In a positive, collaborative, circular and functionality-driven economy, today’s entrepreneurial world has come up with new solutions. How can these initiatives be taken to the next level and achieve tangible modifications to our lifestyle and consumption and production patterns?

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Moi entrepreneur, je vais changer le Monde ! by Agathe Dhersin

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Dalma Berkovics’s presentation (english version)
Murilo Ferraz’s presentation (english version)

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