The aim of this panel discussion is to showcase companies and organizations working on external and internal transformations (of both individuals and their organizations). We’ll explore the change processes that can help at the organizational and individual levels in meeting the challenge facing flourishing businesses of solving social and environmental problems in innovative and creative ways. Panel members will explore: how BALLE’s Fellowship Program works on empowering local business leaders to act as hubs for local living economies; how Bhutan’s new perspective on development and growth can help businesses focus on societal well-being; and how Hollard creates real social dividends in South Africa through use of systems-thinking and a transformational change program inside its company. Session participants will: learn about practices and activities that increase the capacity for systems-thinking, build awareness of the interconnectedness of causes and effects, discover the benefits of contemplation and reflection, and find out what it takes to recalibrate a business to place societal well-being as its ultimate goal.


— Summary — 

> ‘Difficult’ is not the same as ‘impossible’ : A meeting with Tashi Choden par Dylan Bonfils
> “Cultiver son jardin”! par Coline Battagli 

> Happiness vs. Money par Victor Morelle – ESPOL


— Replay —

4D – Changing business models in order to… par WorldForumLilleTV


— Files —

> Tashi CHODEN presentation
> Sheila SURGEY presentation