We live a real transition period: ecological, energy, digital and social. This transition period may seem disturbing or exciting, but it is above all an opportunity to return to the question of meaning, which is fundamental and a matter for everyone: not only for the individual, but also for the company, the community, the State. Collaborative economy and the rise of digital tools are powerful tools, but not an end in themselves: when used to serve sustainability, then we can find meaning. We hear a lot about the Silicon Valley or the Tech French but the biggest levers are perhaps not where we believe they are, but where the needs are the strongest; Three African entrepreneurs have used digital technology to skip steps and propose effective solutions by freeing themselves of many outdated constraints (they are living proof those constraints can be outgrown). We will question them on the meaning of their projects and ambitions.



Sébastien DELPONT, Greenflex, France

16B greenflex2


Su KAHUMBU, founder and CEO, Green Dreams, Kenya

Barbara MALLINSON, founder, Obami, South Africa

Arthur ZANG, founder and CEO, Himore Medical Equipment, Cameroon

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