As the period for achieving MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) winds down at the end of 2015, world leaders have called for adopting an ambitious long-term program aimed at bettering the lives of designated population segments and protecting the planet for future generations. This post-2015 development program will address many problem areas: eliminating poverty and hunger, improving health and education services, building more sustainable cities, combating climate change, preserving our oceans and forests. To stimulate an all-inclusive worldwide dialogue, the United Nations Development Group has scheduled a series of national, global and topical consultations. To date, over 100 such discussions, involving multiple stakeholders including governments, corporations and representatives of civil society, have received UN support while many others are in the planning stages.

World Forum Lille, in collaboration with the Ethos Institute, is hosting a collaborative workshop to offer you the opportunity to contribute as well in defining these next MDGs.