Organised by Ashoka and facilitated by Stéphanie Schmidt

This participative workshop aims at identifying innovative solutions to key societal problems in the North Pas de Calais region. Participants will work together to propose and explore opportunities of co-creation between companies, social entrepreneurs and public entities to develop sustainable and high-impact approaches in the region, leveraging the complementary expertise of the different types of organizations. Further to the workshop, the results of the group will be shared with the Social Business Regional Initiative.

Target participants: companies willing to boost their CSR programs and integrate social impact to their core business; social entrepreneurs and social-mission organizations willing to scale up their impact; representatives of the public sector in the North Pas de Calais region. Workshop limited to 40 participants. It is suggested to participate in the CSR Lab from 8.30 – 10am prior to the workshop for further background and inspiring testimonies about social & business co-creation. 


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