Contributor Book 2018

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1e de couv livret2018 

The book in your hands is a collection of articles written by a team of avant-garde business professionals. Thanks to their participation and reflections on their practices, we are moving forward on the SUPER LOCAL economy! All these articles are made available to the general public under a CC by NC-SA license. 

Contributors : Alfonso S. UZÁBAL – Spain ; Raúl OLIVÁN – Spain; Stefano BERNARDI – Italy; Toby BARAZZUOL – Canada; Hawa ADINANI – Tanzania; Grant PEISLEY – Wales; Richard EDWARDS – Wales Jakob TRAVNIK – Slovenia; Vivian WOODELL – UK 


Interviews by Habib Belaribi and Romain Chanut – Social Media Squad.
Selected articles and interviews translated from English and from Spanish, following an analysis of the online public conversations around the Super Local topic. 


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