Bioeconomy, a solution of today solution for the problems of tomorrow?

Photos of Bioeconomy, a solution of today solution for the problems of tomorrow?

bioéconomieBy placing the use of biomass at the heart of economic activities, bioeconomy tries to meet human needs (energy, materials, food, chemicals, etc.) while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and our impact on the environment.


But in order to develop its full potential and truly be a sustainable and responsible response to some of our challenges, bioeconomy will require the establishment of a coherent strategy as well as rethinking the dynamics and foundations of our economy.

How can economic sectors and territories seize this opportunity? What territorial dynamics should we implement in order to transform the constraints in an advantage for the territories?

How can we meet the demand for food and other products? How to prioritize the different uses of biomass? Which biomass to use and for which uses (crops, residues etc.)? How can food practices be adapted to reduce environmental footprint and need for resources?

What innovations are needed to ensure the competitiveness of bio-sourced materials and how to stimulate innovation?

What are the existing good practices that can be developed and multiplied to ensure that bio-economy will be a solution to the problems of tomorrow?


Find the answers during two thematic days organized by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy on June 20th & 21st in Arras and Amiens respectively. 

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