Workshop organized by HR Without Borders and RSE & Développement will lead a Creative Lab.

Therefore, there are 232 million international migrants over the world. 90 percent are workers with their families. Migrant workers face severe abuses that include discrimination, poor working and living conditions and forced labour.

Forced labour in the private economy generates US$ 150 billion in illegal profits per year. Out of 21 million of victims, 14.2 million are exploited in sectors like agriculture, construction, labour-intensive industries and domestic work.Weak institutions, legal framework and unethical behaviour of recruitment agencies are frequent rootcauses.

We do believe that companies have a key role in preventing migrant workers abuses in their supply chain through risk management and positive engagement.

The Creative Lab will:

– Provide insights on forced labour and migrant workers

– Introduce principles and examples of good practice

– Discuss and try to propose a set of desirable collective steps we could possibly agree on.