As being the first in the world to put the carbon on the menu in 2008 Max has started to change the perspective not just in its business, but in any business. 

Max has both in the Social- and the Ecosystem been able to take actions that meets the challenges the world of today and even more in the world of tomorrow will confront.

In this workshop – Pär is presenting “the Winston Model” that Pär has shared with leaders within business, public sector as well as from politics. The leaders that have listened to the model comes from countries as far away as Japan, China, India, Russia, US and off course from Sweden. Pär has also shared their knowledge of change to institutions like UN, WWF and many more. 

Be a part of an interactive workshop where you can be a part of developing the model, to help the world to change. 

This Thematic lunch is organized by Pär Larshans, Chief Sustainability Officer at Max Burger from Sweden.

Learn more :

-This is Pär’s speech to the UN (UNHCR) global assembly about resettlement – live speach from Sweden to Laussane (HQ for UNHCR) July 2013.

-This is 7 examples that EU have highlited as changing or inspiring EU. Published in May 2013. One of the examples is called “The Swedish example” – it is an interview with Pär and one of the employees.

-Article in Time Magazine from April 2012,,8599,2111372,00.html

-The ranking of the global list of 100 Thought Leaders 2013 – Trust Across America


Thematic lunches allow to go further into a subject in small friendly group. It gives the opportunity to share your experience with others companies while benefiting in the opinion of an expert who will lead the exchanges.

A 25€ (excluding taxes) contribution will be asked at the end of your registration.  Thematics lunches are firstly reserved to business members.