Speaker Pierre FILLION


FILLION Pierre is currently the Chief Executive Officer of FEPAC. His mission is to drive and implement different strategies, tactics, action plans and structural projects in order to improve the competitive positioning and of industries and manufacturers.
FEPAC, a non-profit organization (network of 230 members in Quebec and about 350 in Canada) that gathers industrial leaders and decision makers of corporation within the plastics and reinforced (composite) plastics. It is a leading organization focused on business competitiveness and innovation, and provides an essential leadership for the creation of an environment conducive to the growth and success of businesses.
Pierre Fillion began his career within the National Defense and then within the Canadian Department of Finance. He has held management positions at the National Research Council of Canada in Montreal, the Association of Quebec Industrial Research (ADRIQ) and the Canadian Association of Plastics Industry (ACIP Quebec).
In 2007, the GSS network (School of Management Science) from the University of Québec awarded him the title of "Manager of the Year".


- Author of the first certification program for environmentally responsible sustainable development in North America.
- www.ecoresponsable.net
- To develop marketing strategies and recruitment
- To develop referentials approach in sustainable development
- Develop TRAIN THE CHAMPION program, in order to train employees regarding the company's continued implementation of sustainable development
- Promotion, national and international outreach

• Responsible for the creation of the Council for Sustainable Industries to promote the certification program ECORESPONSABLE (an environmentally responsible sustainable development label) among all industries in Quebec, Canada and abroad.

• Author of the 1st programm LEAN ENTREPRISE

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Fédération des Plastiques et Alliances composites (FEPAC)
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