Speaker Anthony BUTTRISS


Graduate in Biology and Ecology, Anthony started as a freelance writer for national and regional magazines and newspapers since 2007. He then specialized in the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in online publishing, websites animation and community management and put his new skills to the Nancy Jazz Pulsations festival in 2010. Attracted by the relevance and urgency of the ECOLOPOLE's project, he joined Jean-Patrick Teyssaire in Planète-Verte in early 2011 and then devoted himself fully to sustainable development. He is now in charge of project management of this company specialized in sustainable mobility and renewable energies. In 2013, Planète-Verte has pioneered in France the first advertising agency exclusively dedicated to sustainable and responsible communication.

What Change inspire him:

"Sustainable and attainable! Changes in industrial, economic, political and individual practices will they outpace climate change? The era of culpability gives way to the resolution's one, and the consumers' green choices must be encouraged and rewarded. In these times of environmental and financial crises, ecological and economic solutions are now attainable. But we still need to know it! The brands involved in green development often suffer from a lack of visibility and must now redouble their ingenuity to meet growing consumer demand. That's why Planète-Verte wanted to gather responsible consumers and green brands by creating in 2013 the first advertising agency exclusively dedicated to sustainable development."



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Project Manager
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Planète Verte
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