Speaker Murilo FERRAZ


Murilo is a social entrepreneur, gynecologist, former army lieutenant, and event manager.

Born and raised in Brazil, he's passionate about reimagining the way we deal with food to make it fair to producers, healthy for consumers and sustainable for the planet.


At Treebos, we've been wondering about how to make social networks more inclusive especially in developing countries where most of the population is rural and without internet access. What kinds of meaningful interactions can we imagine when inequalities of access are eliminated?

Treebos presents a new way of organizing small farms and engaging with our food. It uses a vertically integrated model to reinvigorate small farms for social impact.

We addresses massive inefficiencies in Brazilian agriculture where 3 million subsistence farms lack access to productive investment, are extremely vulnerable to market fluctuations and have a poor bargaining position.

Treebos creates an efficient network that connects urban users directly with rural farmers paying farmers more in the process. We're using a combination of web technology and on ground operations to create a new source of web-aggregated capital that subsistence farmers use to rebuild their agri-businesses using organic methods and increase their income. So a Treebos farmer gets access to financial and knowledge capital, fair prices and security of sale. Expensive middlemen and transportation are completely done away with in favor of a direct and streamlined supply chain.

Treebos became known creating its first product that it is the Bosk of the Future.

Through the internet, anyone can have a fruit tree planted in a Bosk.

The technicians from treebos make maintenance and harvest the fruit. The user can choose to receive part of the fruit or authorize treebos selling. The profit belongs to the user who planted through the website.

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