Speaker Tom BOOTHE


An American living in Paris, it was during a visit to Brooklyn that Tom Boothe discovered the Park Slope Food Coop, a 43-year old cooperative with 17,000 members who run an 1800 m2 supermarket. Strongly inspired, he decided upon his return in Paris to create a food cooperative on the same model.

In 2015, 5 years later, it’s a done deal, the ephemeral grocery store of the cooperative La Louve opens its doors and in November 2016, the supermarket of 1450 m2 started its test phase. The supermarket offers quality food and at a reduced price. The condition for shopping? Become a member of the cooperative and participate in the daily operations of the supermarket. From handling checkouts to deliveries through the conditioning of products, each cooperator commits himself to a few hours of volunteer work per month. By May 2017, the cooperative already had 5,000 members.

Tom Boothe, his documentary film "Food Coop" and the cooperative La Louve have also inspired the development of similar projects in France and Europe.



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