Speaker Philippe WILLEMS


Designing new products, starting new business ventures inspired by nature and respectful of the environment, this is what drove Philippe Willems towards a career in bioeconomy.

A diploma as a bio-engineer, 15 years in business development with a major European agro-industrial multinational, followed by an on-going consulting activity, this is the career path that gave Philippe Willems the necessary skills to create Orineo, a Belgian SME focusing on design, development, production and marketing of innovative biomaterials.

At the heart of Orineo’s philosophy, a responsible resource management, starting with raw materials. This is why Orineo designed a range of biobased materials with a substantial amount of agro-industrial residues, with limited valorisation potential. A range of aesthetical products, designed to last several years, and largely based on annual crops. A new approach in the transition toward bioeconomy. 





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