Speaker Damien HUYSMANS


Damien HUYSMANS studied Marketing and Communication at IHECS Brussels. In 2012, he founded The Green Kow Company together with Anne De Decker with the mission of concretizing and "trivialize" the use of insects in human food in Belgium and Europe.

In November 2013, they obtained an authorization from AFSFA to sell food products containing insects, a first in the European Union. In December 2013, the first 2 products appeared on the Belgian market in independent organic businesses. In September 2014, the Green Kow Company products were made available in large retailer Delhaize.

Since then, the Green Kow Company has continued to develop new products (soups, sauces ...). Damien Huysmans is also involved in the co-development of Novel Food projects (EU level) with BiiF (Belgian Insect Industry Federation).



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