Sabrina MURPHY

BNP Paribas


At 38 years of age, Sabrina Murphy embodies the company’s fresh new vision. A born entrepreneur and firmly convinced that it is possible to bring about change without rupture, this passionate management enthusiast has been dedicating her energy and expertise to the service of BNP Paribas for almost eight years. 

Sabrina MURPHY


Sabrina Murphy is a dedicated change-maker. In 2014, she created the People’s LAB, the first accelerator for intrapreneurs of the BNP Paribas Group, with the objective of making employees innovators, actors in their professional life and drivers of change in the company. This was a successful experience which she hopes hopes will spill over from BNP Paribas and inspire many other companies.

 ?Sabrina Murphy loves exploration but also harmony. She is convinced that it is not because things are done in a certain way that they are immutable.