Speaker Bertrand DERQUENNE


Bertrand DERQUENNE was teacher before being appointed principal of middle school, and then principal at Lycée Jacques le Caron, an high school training students in sustainable energy professions, in 2014. 

Bertrand DERQUENNE participated in the creation of the Campus for Building Professions and Qualifications and Intelligent Energy Systems 3.0. This network of institutions including public and private high schools as well as higher education schools and university institutes has the mission of meeting environmental and economic requirements with all actors in the construction sector.

He is President of GRETA Grand Artois (group of schools from the Grand Artois region) and is in charge of the development of education within the schools.

Bertrand DERQUENNE is also School Referent for the Artois-Ternois region and is in charge of keeping alive the CLEE (a committee working on strenghtening the ties between schools and companies) with all institutional and private partners.

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Lycée Jacques le Caron
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