Because the planet relies on my region and my region relies on my planet, on Tuesday 18th October, the World Forum will take place in Lille for a day focused on the interdependence of our actions with our region and our planet.

The programme includes:

An opening plenary session to celebrate 10 years of rev3

A pioneering region, Hauts-de-France has been at the origin of major transformations, such as the Third Industrial Revolution. For the past 10 years, this dynamic has continued and expanded. In the face of the social and environmental changes we are experiencing, how is our region preparing for the future by capitalising on its successes and involving all players? Come and discuss and listen to those who dare, such as Claire O'Neill, former president of COP26.

Lunches to meet and exchange

In small groups, these lunches offer a unique opportunity to initiate discussion on a solution or a project led by a regional player.

Experiences to acquire tools and knowledge to cooperate more effectively

The future of work, finance, carbon strategy, consideration of the living world, mobility, inclusion and diversity, strategy, migration of economic models: in order to play a role in the transformation of our economy, it is necessary to acquire tools, to know what successful practices are to progress faster, and to understand one's ecosystem in order to cooperate more effectively. During the afternoon, participants are invited to attend themed workshops to work, debate and discuss these topics and leave with tools for action.

An evening focused on the responsible economy

Many leaders have chosen to put the responsible economy at the heart of their strategy and business model. They will share the tools they have used to implement this commitment. This discussion will be followed by a networking cocktail reception to conclude the day.


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