34A - You will never succeed on your own!

We all dream of a better world where everyone lives in dignity with a better access to resources. Today, 700 million people in the world do not have access to clean water. But how can we help these people?
Present at the conference ”Focus on Social Innovation”, Justin Dekoszmovzsky ( Azao consulting), Antonio Espinosa de Los Monteros (Auara Empresa Social), Petra Wadström (solvatten) and Sabrina Murphy (BNP parisbas) shared their experiences as entrepreneurs who challenge themselves to make an positive impact on people’s life. They want to inspire us by promoting social entrepreneurships. Their ultimate goal is easy to understand: make people happier in a better world.
They are the change!
These dynamic entrepreneurs have found their life’s purpose. Driving by their passions and the desire to help people, they created their own businesses to encourage social and economic development. Today, Justin Dekoszmovzsky works for Azao Consulting where he gives his expertises to companies in order to improve commercial outcomes via social impact in the trickiest market. As a father of two children, he was inspired by Lego: “I realized while I was playing Lego with my kids that I had to stop to look for the good pieces: I was getting lost! It is really important to take action and to prioritise your focus where success and impacts are most likely to be maximised. This is why, we have to study the small to understand the universe”. Azao works exclusively with companies and start-ups from the collaborative economy which shares the same social values.
A better access to clean water
Azao also supports corporations on water stewardship. This focus on the access to safe water and sanitation is also share by Antonio Espinosa de Los Monteros and Petra Wadström. Antonio is the founder of Auara, a social enterprise that sell water bottle in Spain. These bottles are not only 100% recycled and recyclable: by buying it you contribute to give to people from Africa an access to clean water. Since 2016, Auara has ensured access to drinking water to 50.000 people. Nowadays, a lot of women and children spend 70% of their time to look after water. This is the reason why kids can’t go to school and women do not have the time and the resources to work. But, thanks to Petra Wadström, finalist for the EU Prize for Women Innovators, 300.000 people in the world have an access to clean water since 2007. They all use her innovation, SOLVATTEN which is a portable device that use solar energy to purify water.
Contrarily to what one might think, it is not natural to have an access to hot and save water. In a world where people are dying because they use unclean water or because they do not have an access to clean water at all, these entrepreneurs show us the way to improve people wellbeing by their social business. Justin Dekoszmovzsky said: “social values and business are not a duality!”
They are models to follow.
Alix Makereel