Miquel Ballester : What if smart phones were a friendly green device ?

Dreaming about having an ethical smart phone which is made to last, from sustainable materials that you can recycle and that you can repair piece by piece if there is a problem, a smartphone built by employees who work in decent conditions, all around the world?
This dream came true through the four-year-old Fairphone companyrepresented by Miquel Ballester.
Miquel, what is your responsible revolution ?

Our responsible revolution at FairPhone is that we want to change how the electronic industry works. We also want to change how we design our products, to be able to use asless resources as possible.

What is the next step for Fairphone ?

After the commercialization of our product in the Orange stores in France a few weeks ago, we want to keep expanding and have new partnerships with other companies, and keep on working in maintaining Fairphone 2 as much as possible in Europe for now. It’s already difficult to expand in Europe, so we will continue here before developing it ona wider world scale.

Is the policy step by step the best, according to you ?

You can have radical changes sometimes, you should go for it when you can.When you can’t have this radical change, you cannot just wait to have the nextone, so you go step by step and you keep improving stuff. Maybe one day we won’t have the need to use smartphones anymore: that would bevery good news, as it would use much less materials, and it would be better for the environment.

What does the future mean to you?

The goal is to move to a more sustainable future. I think Fairphone does contributeto this. We work in a specific market, on a specific product, it’s about having a verysustainable world in the field of telecommunication devices, but it is a kind of an utopia.

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