24C – Changing local economic systems with the Economy for the Common Good?

The World Forum took place in Strasbourg for one day. Here, we discovered new way of thinking economy. Bernhard Oberrauch, from the ECG (Economy for the Common Good) Federation, explained to us what is the ECG.
Eléonore Lauret: If you had to summarize the Economy for the Common Good(ECG) in one sentence, what would it be?
Bernhard Oberrauch: The ECG is a model that can be applied in practice. This is the good thing about ECG, it is not only theoretical, you can realize it.
E.L: What future do you see for the ECG? Do you think it can become a normal economic model?
B.O: It is only the beginning. I see that the ECG's not been implemented yet, particularly about the institutions in Europe now.
E.L: What will make the companies to convert their economic model for the ECG?
O.B: If they see some advantages, they will adopt it. Any kind of advantage. And first, with the ECG, there are internal advantages, because the ECG model is analyzing the measurement. This is one advantage. The second one is: do I have advantages to pay less taxes and being honored by the society? The government need to reduce the taxes if you adopt the model. This advantage, now, is in the starting point. In southern Europe, we have already adopted the first phase of this step. The others will follow. This is a very important step because private persons and companies are acting not only because of unrealistic beliefs but also because of real facts.
E.L: How to familiarize people with the ECG ?
O.B: Every change is scary. If people understand that, it will increase their weakness and their luck so it can help to comfort this model. Every wellbeing is a subject, that’s clear. Your luck can be different but it is still some kind of luck.
Eléonore Lauret – ESPOL Lille