Meeting Michel Schuurman

This active advocate of responsible economy, is also the Senior Project Manager Circular Economy at MVO Nederland, whose motto is  changing together. 
MVO Nederland was created in 2004 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs with the goal of making the Netherlands a world model in the field of circular economy. It is today the biggest CSR network in Europe. He, notably, succeeded in creating a circular production of clothes for health workers, by recycling textile industries’ waste and organized a fashion show presenting those outfits.
M. Schuurman explained to us during the plenary session his view on responsible economy and stated that things are not moving fast enough. Even if there is a growing awareness, actions need to be taken.

Which challenges is Europe facing in the way of responsible economy ?
« It is not a technological issue, but a mental one. We think we can loose something, but there actually is a lot to gain. It is just a question of perspective, and of shaping it. »
Do you think the Netherlands are a model for Europe in the field of circular economy ? And to what extent ?
« I do think it is, for three reasons mainly : first, we have a dense infrastructure. Secondly, we have a long history of working together, a culture of consensus. Finally, we are very entrepreneurial. So yes, the Netherlands look very well-suited to be a model for Europe in my opinion. »
Why did you decide to become an actor of the shift towards a responsible economy in Europe ?
« We have a little amount of energy and time to spend on this world, so why not spend it wisely ? »
Michel Schuurman stated that we should put our time and energy in a cause, do something valuable and good for society. Which makes us think : the true sense of life, is it to be happy, in a selfish way, or is it to give it a sense by dedicating oneself into making this world a better place ?

Romain Dannin