Speaker André DUPON


André Dupon's life was designed by his energy and commitment in the health and social sectors as well as employment and inclusion one. It is in permanent contact with social and economic realities that André Dupon defined the challenges and missions he would choose . He began his career as an educator and participates in the creation of the first local Lille Mission for youth, then ran a local community. He created the FCI ( Federation Insertion Centres) before endorsing the management of a public housing agency of the HLM Lille Office.

In 1995, he joined the Vitamin T Group, and became CEO of the latter. Since 2008, he also works as its executive director. His leadership paved a significant action. Thus, in 15 years years , the workforce increased from 650 to 2,700 people ( including 1,800 in the integration process ), the number of companies from 5 to a dozen ( three divisions: a food center, a center services and green growth pole ), the turnover, from 4 million euros to 50. The Group is present in four regions ( Paris and the far north of Paris ) . The main part of the group remains the Nord-Pas de Calais.

The Vitamin T Group , the first of its kind in terms of size in France in the area of integration through economic activity , is a social enterprise model that derives most of its resources from the sale of goods and services (87 % of resources) . He welcomes among his subsidiaries long-term unemployed persons, social benefits recipients and those without salaried resources. He prepares them for sustainable employment by putting them in concrete work situation. Partnerships with many private companies have been developed, providing expertise, acquisition of minority shareholdings or recruitment of persons at the end of their integration process.

The group runs exclusively for the benefit of this social mission: the return to work of men and women outside the labor market. The group is characterized by a disinterested governance which guarantees the non- return on capital and the reinvestment of profits in the development of subsidiaries and employment.

Since its inception in 1978, Vitamin T Group has helped more than 30,000 men and women to work and its model shows everyday that combines economic performance and the social ambition that no one is unemployable.

André Dupon is also president of Preservation North (medico- social, child welfare, addiction and social inclusion) with 1,200 social workers among his 38 special schools.

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