Moderator Anne CHANON


Former Deputy Director of ARPP (Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority) before overseeing institutional and societal relations with the UDA Advertisers' Union, Anne Chanon began her career as Director of the Society Studies Department and the French Society Observatory for Cofremca (Sociovision). Whether in the field of human sciences applied to change management or communication social responsibility, her entire career path has been positioned at the interface between the corporate world and society at large.

Member of the AdWiser think tank and a Charter Committee member (for introducing controls on soliciting the public for donations), Ms. Chanon is also an active member of the AFNOR Group working on the ISO 26000 Standard applied to the communications industry and regularly teaches classes on the subject of societal responsibility (SciencesPo, Celsa, Sorbonne, Euromed, Léonard de Vinci).

Dedicated to promoting social dialogue, the firm "Le Sens Commun" has been set up to assist companies and organizations in optimizing relations with their external stakeholders (NGOs, associations, users, neighbors, elected officials, institutions, experts, non-financial rating agencies, etc.).

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Founder and Director
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Le Sens Commun
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Conference moderator