Speaker Michel SCHUURMAN


Michel Schuurman is responsible for the Circular Economy programs and activities at CSR Netherlands. This entails working with groups of businesses to identify leverage points for change within value chains and then utilize them to create transitions. This is done in close cooperation with government, branch organizations and other partners. Where applicable, these programs are formalized in Green Deals.
He has been working in the area of Sustainability and CSR for ten years. First as entrepreneur, later as business consultant at Capgemini and since 2012 as Sr. Program Manager. Prior to this he worked in the ICT sector and for the Ministry of Defence. For Michel Schuurman sustainable business development is a new synonym for successful business development. A continuous improvement process of innovation, cooperation and execution. As a result driven professional his primary drive is to kick-start and facilitate this process.

Office :
Program Manager
Organization :
MVO Nederland
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