Speaker Philippe CARON


Skills domains
SD Governance, SD Strategy Deployment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Management ISO 14001, Sustainable Food.
Operation, farm management, cooperative administration.
Global approach, accompaniment of project promoters.
Development of international network of Higher Education.
Agriculture, Agroforestry, Dairy farming, Apiculture, Sustainable agricultural energy alternatives.

Professional experiences
Teacher-Researcher RSO, Director of Sustainable Development
Director of international relations at LaSalle Beauvais
Management of projects and farms in LaSalle Beauvais
Farmer. Director of Coopérative. Responsibility of development group.
Counseling in the creation of businesses in rural areas.

Training courses
Engineer in Agriculture, ISA Lille

Other activites
Group Pilot Mutualisation of DD experiments at the CGE
Member of: Regional Commission for Aids and Orientation of ADEME in Picardy
IAR Cluster Resources Commission

Office :
Sustainability manager
Organization :
LaSalle Beauvais
Country :