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President and co-founder of BeCitizen - a french CSR consultancy - Maximilien Rouer has set a challenging goal: urgently adapt society to major environmental changes. He promotes technological and economic innnovations to initiate the social and ecological transition.

Engineer graduate from AgroParisTech and holder of a master's degree in Cell Biology and Plant Physiology (Université Paris VII), he's an expert on environmental issues: climate change, energy, biodiversity, resources, toxicity/health. He theorized the “Positive economy” and gave more than 500 conferences on the topic, especially towards CEOs. On a day-today basis, he helps his clients to configure new economic models that will accelerate the transition to this Positive Economy.

Maximilien is also managing director of the Greenflex group.


Repare the planet, The Positive Economy" Revolution, authored by Maximilien Rouer and Anne Gouyon. (FR)

ROUER Maximilien, GOUYON Anne, Libres de changer le monde, auto-édition, à paraitre en septembre 2014 (FR)

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An independent company, GreenFlex connects advisory services and asset management by integrating financing solutions to accelerate companies’ environmental, social and energy performance.

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