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Michel de Kemmeter (1964) is a Belgian entrepreneur and author. Civil and Commercial Engineer, he starts his career as M&A consultant. He then creates a company specialized in natural stone renovation and expertise, and publishes several reference books. Then he invests in real estate in Belgium and Turkey, and writes bestseller "Fortune de Briques". Since 2005 he researches, experiments and writes about New Economy, Intangible Assets and Sustainable Human Development. He invents the “Motivation Wheel”-tool and writes "The Values of Time". He creates the do-tank "UHDR UniverseCity" on sustainable human development, and implements pilot projects, such as “7D-Value” and a new “Systemic Economy” model. Visionary consultant and keynote speaker, he brings new solutions to companies and governments, with an international competence network. He created the “G40”, creating a new world vision for the next generations where human progress is central. He concentrates his work now on testing new business model approaches with several start ups and corporations, and on monitoring tools of immaterial value. He writes “Le Nouveau Jeu Economique”, and organized the first “Systemic Economy Summit”.



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Manager, trainer, author of "La Valeur du Temps"
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UHDR UniverseCity
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Conference moderator