Speaker Antonio MOLINA


Antonio Molina is the president of Matikem a national competitiveness cluster in the fields of materials, chemistry and green chemistry. Matikem supports R&D projects from emergence, setting up, access to private and public funding, to the market launch of new products or new services.
Its mission is to facilitate economic development through innovation, increase the competitiveness of companies by developing synergies between private research sector, public research and training centers, around collaborative R&D projects. (266 projects monitored by our team, 113 projects certified by the cluster of which 43 are financed, € 101 million mobilized, more than 6 flagship projects for the territory, 2.135 created or maintained jobs.)
Matikem has a strategic positioning in 2 fields (Chemistry and materials, Biobased materials), 4 major technological challenges (New properties and functions of materials, Eco-designed products, Green chemistry, High-performance and advanced processes) and for 8 key markets (Tableware, Graphic industry, Packaging, Plastics industry, Agri-foodstuffs industry, Transport, Construction, Medical)
Antonio Molina is also the founder and president of the Mäder group, which is currently world leader for railways paint, the European leader both for automotive interior plastics paint as well as for high technology industrial paints: Aeronautics, Electro technical and High-temperatures applications.

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