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Michel Bauwens is a recognized theorist and founder of P2P "the peer-to-peer" Foundation, a global network of researchers that documents the shift to open, participatory practices. The P2P Foundation database also focuses on documenting the new policies and legal frameworks set up by cities open to sharing (Seoul, San Francisco, Naples, and regions such as Bordeaux, Open Commons Region Of Linz). Today, there are thousands of platforms P2P: Wikipedia, Libre office, Emule, Spotify, site of sharing of films or music ...

A model that tends to emerge from the immaterial sphere since Michel Bauwens is currently working with the Ecuadorian government on the Flok Society project. The process aims to return to the roots of the Ecuadorian economy, to trigger a transition to a free and open knowledge society.

He was also responsible for strategy at Belgacom, director of strategic information at BP and worked as an analyst for the United States Information Agency. He is the editor-in-chief of the Belgian magazine Wave.

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