Speaker Tashi CHODEN


Ms. Tashi Choden serves as Director of the Secretariat (SNDP) and member of the Steering Committee for the New Development Paradigm (NDP) initiative. In addition to setting up the Secretariat, she was responsible for planning, directing and coordinating its activities towards fulfilling the initiative's main mandate of producing the new paradigm report for submission to the United Nations.

Tashi was deputed to SNDP from her parent organization, the Center for Bhutan Studies and GNH Research (CBS), where she worked since 2002. As senior researcher, she was engaged in varied areas of study including on civil society; local government elections; gender; and environmental, political and economic issues related to Bhutan. She also worked on the culture and psychological wellbeing domains of the Gross National Happiness Index survey in its earlier formulations.

She has a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Columbia University, New York; a Post-Graduate Certificate in Leadership from the Asia-Pacific Leadership Program at East-West Center, Hawaii; a Post-Graduate Certificate in Development Management from the Royal Institute of Management (RIM) in Bhutan; and a Bachelor of Arts in PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) from Rangsit University in Thailand.


1) Traditional Forms of Volunteerism in Bhutan


2) Gross National Happiness and Material Welfare in Bhutan and Japan (with Kusago and Shirai)


Report of the Kingdom of Bhutan: Happiness - Towards a new development paradigm

The New Development Paradigm Website


Office :
Director & Senior Researcher
Organization :
Secretariat for the New Development Paradigm & Centre for Bhutan Studies
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