Speaker Fabrice BONNIFET


Fabrice Bonnifet is the Sustainable development manager & QSE Director of the Bouygues group.

He is in charge of leading and coordinating the sustainable development strategy of the Group. His aim is to advise Business unit's managers throughout the changing economic models. He also drive transversal projects, especially those related to energy & carbon strategy, back & front office, as well as responsible purchasing, eco –design, and implementation of a collaborative information system.

In addition, he provides non-financial reporting and implements a dialogue strategy with the Group's stakeholders (investors, rating agencies, think tanks, academic institutions, media, NGOs and associations ...).

He is also Vice-Chairman of the Sustainable Development College of the Board of Directors (C3D) and administrator of The Shift Project.

"Fascinated by the stake which consists in reconciling those who worry about the end of the world with those who worry of end of the week! I work in my sphere of influence in the emergence of an at the same time social, united, environment-friendly economy and thus necessarily sustainable."


The best practices of company.

The commitment for sustainability on the Global Union for Sustainability an international initiative for sustainable development launched last year (during Rio+20 summit) that we are supporting.

Since 2006, Bouygues is a member of the Global Compact.


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Sustainable development manager & QSH director of the Bouygues group
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Bouygues SA
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