Luc Van Liedekerke is professor of business ethics at the universities of Leuven and Antwerp. He is director of the Centre for Economics and Ethics (www.cee.com ) (Leuven) and outgoing president of the European Business Ethics Network (www.eben-net.org ). With its 1400 members spread out over 40 countries this is the largest network of academics specialized in business ethics and CSR. He specializes in financial ethics and is the editor in chief of the handbooks in business ethics series published by Springer-Verlag.


Last publications : 


  • van Liedekerke, L. (2013). Executive compensation and distributive justice. In Luetge, C. [ed.] Handbook of the philosophical foundations of business ethics.  ISBN 978-94-007-1495-3 - Dordrecht: Springer.
  • van Liedekerke,L., & Demuijnck, G. (2012).  Global survey of business ethics in teaching, training and research / Stückelberger,
  • Christoph [edit.]; e.a. - ISBN 978 2 940428 39 7 - Geneva: Globethics.

Jounal article

  • van Liedekerke,L. , Demuijnck, G. (2011).  Business ethics as a field of training, teaching and research in Europe. Journal of business ethics, p. 29-41.
  • Bouten L., Everaert P., van Liedekerke Luc , De Moor L., Christiaens J. (2011).- Corporate social responsibility : a comprehensive picture?. Accounting forum, p. 187-204
  • van Liedekerke,  L. (2011). Introduction : morals and banking. Ethical perspectives / Catholic University of Louvain. Centre for Christian Ethics, p. 465-471 Leuven, Peeters.

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