Speaker B.Scott BURTON


Dolphin Digital Technologies Inc. is a professional ICT consulting firm specializing in virtualization. We analyze business logic as it pertains to ICT and provide solutions which suit our clients' individual needs. As President of Dolphin, Scott has established a business which meets economic milestones, while operating outside of the scope of traditional business practices. By not restricting himself by standardized business methodologies & teachings, Scott was able to see the potential of social integration as a propelling business model; one with financial impact and a sociological effect. With the goal to make an imprint on life, Scott has innovated solutions delivering services on a cutting-edge playing field where intellectual property is the real estate. Because of this Dolphin has the distinction of being a company which eliminates discriminatory limitations to employment while providing ICT solutions focused in virtualization and cloud-hybrid architectures.


What Change inspire him:

"I believe that social infrastructure fails on its own. Not-for profits have to go to for-profit business and government for funding and never attain a model of sustainability because of that dependence. In new business modeling there is a natural progression to a model where corporate business, corporate social responsibility & social initiative need to merge for sustainability."


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