Speaker Guilhem CHERON


On September 21, 2011, the first Hive that says Yes! Opened the doors of its distribution.

Short circuits are fashionable. The recent scandal of horse meat only reinforces the phenomenon. On the one hand, consumers are increasingly seeking to focus on proximity in search of traceability. On the other hand, producers seek to reduce the number of intermediaries in order to obtain more substantial margins.

While outdoor markets and farm sales remain the main means of distributing agricultural products in short circuits, new networks are developing, such as the Amap, La Ruche which says yes, Jardins de Cocagne, ... all promote direct exchanges between local producers and a network of consumers via, generally, a basket of products.

Imagined three years ago, the hive that says Yes presents itself as an alternative to the community of Amap. Founded by Guilhem Chéron and Marc-David Choukroun, the IT platform optimizes this new way of trading. Basically, it is a real online selling tool that allows members of the hive, also called bees, to browse into a fairly wide selection of products.

To start, you first need a pulse. An individual decides to create a hive. To this end, he set up a network of local producers, that is to say, within a radius of 250 kilometers maximum and he recruits the members who register on the site. Each week, the manager posts a selection of products. Consumers have 6 days to place orders without obligation to purchase all referenced products. If the number of orders is sufficient for the producer to move, the amount of the order is debited via the website. On the day of delivery, consumers meet at the place of distribution to recover their shopping.

A total of 283 hives were opened and 151 are under construction. The system is based on a fair model that best pays producers who sell their products directly and pay a service fee of 16.7%.

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